Chinese Astrology Sign | Tiger

The Tiger

The Tiger Personality

The adventurous and courageous Tiger is a born leader. You are not afraid to blaze new trails, and, given your independent streak, you’re more than willing to go it alone if necessary. Your firm determination also makes you a fierce competitor.
Your passion also gives you the potential to be a star performer. Colorful and dynamic, you have a commanding presence before any group. Yes, we can count on you to command our attention and generate excitement.

Interestingly, you have another side, that of the playful kitten. It’s characterized not only by youthful innocence and optimism but also a playful sense of humor. You enjoy telling jokes, which are all the more funny because people usually see your serious side and are caught off guard to see you out of character.

Your kinder and gentler side also includes a genuine humanitarian streak. You are empathetic and keenly sense the emotions and feelings of others, to which you respond with compassion and a sincere desire to help when needed. You tend to be very affectionate towards family and friends and charitable to everyone, being especially touched by those most in need.

The downside of the Tiger’s passion is that it can lead to emotional distress, especially when frustrated by people or events. You have a tendency to be anxious and edgy.  This uneasiness of mind could come from brooding fear about some contingency or simply a feeling of being tense or on edge. Your high energy level fueled by passion often makes you impatient. You want to do things right away and can become deeply frustrated with unplanned delays. Your rashness sometimes manifests itself as impulsive behavior. There is a bit of the “fools rush in” mentality in you. In other words, you don’t always think things through before you act.

The Tiger in Relationships

Above all the Tiger is passionate and romantic. You let people know where they stand with you as you readily display your feelings. In your younger years you are likely to have some intense crushes and love affairs. It is not surprising for the Tiger to be married more than once.

The best thing for you to do is give your passions free reign during your youth and experience all that you want out of life. When you’re older, you will find that you will be happy to settle down and will most likely be a faithful and devoted spouse. As a Tiger sign person you will tend to want to dominate your relationships. Yet, you are not happy unless you are with someone you can respect. Basically, you need a strong person who is not intimidated by your strength and one who with the self-confidence to let you be in charge when you want.

You pride yourself in being able to take care of yourself and want someone who will support but not be paternal towards you. Your passion and romanticism make you an active and sensuous lover. This is especially heightened by your sense of adventure. Your romantic interests are best stimulated when you are visiting an exotic location, for example a vacation in Tahiti.



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