Chinese Astrology Sign | Rat

The RatThe Rat Personality

Of all the signs, the Rat symbolizes activity and charm.

It is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac; so, it fittingly represents (initiating) action. Depending on you to get things moving. There is constant mental activity with you. Even when you appear to be resting, your mind is working full speed. Most often you are devising a scheme to earn the most money with the least amount of work.

You are resourceful. What you might lack in competence you more than make up for with your quick thinking, shrewdness and outright deviousness. You are most effective using a direct, if not aggressive, approach to life. You tend to be proactive and are most comfortable basing decisions on logic.

Because they are constantly in their heads, they are often edgy and easily agitated. This state of agitiation can quickly turn to annoyance and impatient when the Rat has to deal with those that are not as quick witted at the Rat. If the Rat can remain humble and understand his/her limitations, this Rat is a powerful force. However, if the Rat becomes to cocky and overconfident in its ability to get out of tight spots, the Rat may find itself in hole that no amount of smarts and charm will be able to help it climb ouf of.

The Rat in Relationships

In a word, the Rat is clannish. Although the Rat is frequently a star performer in social gatherings, the fact is they much rather prefer spending time with those few people they allow into their inner circle. The Rat prefers a partner who enjoys the company of their own family and very small group of close friends. Don’t expect the Rat to be thrilled about taking you to many large, social gatherings.The opportunistic Rat is great at turning on the charm and manipulating people. Because of their charm, Rats seldom have trouble attracting members of the opposite sex. Although they are romantic and fall in love easily, they size up potential mates with the same vigor as business deals and don’t usually rush into a committed relationship. Why even bother finding your way through the maze when you can get others to go fetch the cheese?Speaking of charm, my do you have and use it. You are adept at gaining our confidence and learning our secrets while holding on to your own. Furthermore, you are not beyond using the information to your advantage. Your charm serves you well as you are probably sociable and usually enjoy parties. You likely have a wide circle of friends, especially since you are probably attractive to members of the opposite sex.Nevertheless you are really a private person and, despite appearances, only allow a few people into your inner circle. You cherish those dearly and will do almost anything for them.Getting along with people is no problem for you, but make no mistake about it, you don’t tolerate incompetence.


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