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The Pig Astrology SignThe Pig Personality

The Pig, the last sign of the Chinese zodiac, is clear evidence of the old saying, “nice guys finish last.” You are honest, good hearted and present a kindly face to friends and strangers alike. Your affection is genuine, and your love has no bounds. You are usually very chivalrous. Courtesy and generosity are a way of life with you.

Being a social animal you have many opportunities to exhibit those qualities. You tend to be naturally happy, due in no small part because you most often avoid making judgments and see the good side of people. You are no punster, but you probably have a nice, earthy sense of humor. All in all, you are pleasant, cheerful, co operative and normally do well in group situations.

The Pig In Relationships

Generally the Pig sign is characteristic of people who are pure in heart and also have a hedonistic streak.  You tend to follow your heart and openly express your feelings and thoughts. Although your sign is a member of the gentle Rabbit-Sheep-Pig group you can be resilient and have an inner strength beyond that expected from this group. Your fixed element is Water, which means you also have an intellectual side. You may not be a scholar, but you tend to like school in general and reading in particular. You also are a bit more logical and practical than your “heart” sign might otherwise suggest.

The Pig is the last of the twelve signs when they are taken in order, a fact that causes the Pig to be associated with retirement, relaxation and fun in general. At any rate you tend to be more of an optimist than a pessimist and to enjoy life’s physical pleasures. On the negative side, you can be overly trusting if not naïve. If you lose control or just have too much Water in your chart, you could be seen as a person who talks too much. Although you might enjoy the occasional intellectual exercise, you have a tendency to be superficial and may not be known as a quick thinker. You could also fall into bouts of gluttony or just plain sadness when life seems to turn against you. And, you’re easily disheartened when slandered and saddened when your feelings are hurt, you experience disappointments, or just see others being sad.


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