Chinese Astrology Sign | Rooster

The Rooster Chinese Astrology Sign

The Rooster Personality

The candid Rooster will tell you what’s on their mind. When you speak, you give a frank and honest report. Furthermore, it will be easily understood because of the acute expressiveness of both your words and your non-verbal communication. You probably have a wry sense of humor, meaning it has a clever and often ironically or grimly humorous quality about it. It’s likely you are great at doing projects thanks to your outstanding organizational skills. You tend to go about your work in the most efficient manner, aided by your keen eye for detail. At work or play enthusiasm characterizes your attitude, and it’s infectious.

Another reason people rally to you is your evident self-confidence which translates into a fearless approach to any situation. Furthermore, your idealism lends instant stature to your efforts and wins many converts to your side. Then again, it might be you just look good. You are most likely chic and refined and know how to make a dramatic entrance to make sure everyone else knows it. Yes, you probably believe you should flaunt it if you have it. The Rooster is not only argumentative but also good at it. Sometimes you find fault with something a person did and go on and on and on about it. You have a tendency to nag too much.

You exhibit the same enthusiasm when bragging about yourself as you do when criticizing others. You can be a show off. Your tendency to extravagance comes out when your sometimes-pretentious nature reminds you of your need to impress. In truth, you are conceited, narrow minded and selfish when at your worst. As the Rooster struts around the barnyard reveling in being the center of attention, so do you believe you deserve the spotlight. In turn you direct the spotlight on others, but it isn’t particularly welcome many times. Too often you are insensitive, bossy and tactless. Sensitivity training was designed with the Rooster in mind.

The Rooster In Relationships

The Rooster occasionally has trouble with relationships due to their inclination to argue and nag. You will have your best results if you can control this tendency. Your attention to personal dress and grooming is a plus, and it would not be surprising if members of the opposite sex are attracted to you because of your appearance. Intimacy may not be easy for you, especially since you tend to have strong feelings about people. You tend to either like or dislike them intensely.

You also can be quite demanding. The best partner for you is someone you can truly respect, both for their looks and their abilities. You can be remarkably particular and drive family members crazy with your attention to detail. However, your attention to detail can be a positive trait if you use it to carter to the needs and wants of your romantic partner. Your keen eye should be able to discern your lover's needs before then are able to know them for themselves.


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