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The Rabbit Zodiac Sign The Rabbit Personality

Above all else the Rabbit is a peacemaker. You no doubt have excellent diplomatic skills and, while you don’t like conflict, you are the first person your friends turn to when it’s necessary to make peace among them. Your sense of calm and your modest, unassuming presence is just what’s needed to smooth all those ruffled feathers. You are also valued for your kindness. You are sensitive to the needs of people around you and thoughtfully do little things to make them happy. Your kindness extends to animals, and it is especially there where we see your gentle heart. You are a soft touch for almost every litter critter. You likely have exquisite taste in both dress and the arts. Suave and style conscious you want to wear the latest fashions and are always appropriately dressed for the occasion. If you are not an artist yourself, you have an excellent appreciation of the arts and can be a good critic.

The Rabbit’s love of peace manifests itself in a somewhat negative way as a love of comfort. You generally avoid any kind of argument perhaps as much because it would disturb your peace of mind as because you are basically a timid soul and wither under criticism. You do, however, aggressively pursue your creature comforts and have a definite sybaritic streak. In other words, you like the comfort luxuries bring and find yourself right at home in the mall.  Perhaps it’s a defense mechanism to protect your gentle heart, but for whatever reason, you are usually somewhat detached. At times the world can be too harsh and intimidating for a person as gentle as you. You can be moody, which might help explain your tendency to become melancholic. It’s hard to know your motivation for these, as you can be very secret about your personal life. That doesn’t, however, stop you from talking about ours.

In spite of your occasional physical and emotional withdrawal from the world, you actually crave the company of people and are quite adept at social relations being the diplomat you are. Unfortunately for the rest of us, you can be manipulative, and you’re good at it. Your motives however aren’t evil. Usually you are just trying to get us to do something you find too unpleasant to handle yourself or to simply buy something for you, preferably clothes or dinner at an elegant restaurant. You are ever the opportunist.

The Rabbit In Relationships

Above all Rabbits love peace and their creature comforts. You need a gentle person to make you happy. And, it would help if they have a fair amount of money. You crave company and treasure your relationships. You are not only a social animal, but you like the security that comes with being in a relationship.  In spite of this, you still like to keep your personal life personal. It’s not unusual for you to keep secrets from even those in close relationships. It’s not so much that you have anything to hide, it’s just you don’t want people knowing all those details---perhaps you feel vulnerable when people know too much about your private life.Speaking of vulnerability, it is not easy to pick yourself up off the floor when a relationship goes bad. It takes a long time for those wounds to heal.  You are comfortable letting your partner take the lead in most matters; however, you do have a strong passive-aggressive side as well. In other words, you have your ways, and can even be quite cunning, in getting your partner to do your bidding using indirect approaches. A night at the theater and dinner at a fine restaurant will indeed bring out your romantic side.


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