Chinese Astrology Sign | Sheep

The GoatThe Sheep Personality

Of all the signs, the Sheep symbolizes altruism and the female persona. You tend to be a gentle hearted person. What aggressiveness you have is likely to manifest as passive-aggressive behavior. You probably have a big soft spot for your little children and animals. You are likely to be fashionable and refined, preferring quiet, charming social settings such as a cozy little restaurant or an art museum. Speaking of art, there is a good chance you are an artist yourself, and an even better one that you appreciate the aesthetics of more than one of the performing and, or, visual arts.  Finally, it must be said you are a romantic type. In addition to a propensity for dinner by candlelight, you also long for the pastoral. You like to spend time walking in the garden or driving through the peaceful countryside. And, you probably adore all the squirrels and other cute little animals you find along the way.

On the other hand, you’re not that adventurous and will make sure those outings are to the most peaceful locations. You can be indecisive and vacillate between choices hoping you don’t have to make one when the choice is difficult. And, when things don’t go your way, or even just threaten not to go your way, you tend to become moody. This can result in pouting and makes you tense. You’re also somewhat of a worrier, which adds to your edginess.

The Sheep In Relationships

The affectionate Sheep is one of the warmest, loving and tender people you will know. You are good hearted and genuinely care about others. In general you readily forgive others and rarely hold grudges. With these qualities it’s not surprising you do well in social situations. You are generally friendly and congenial and beautifully tactful in your choice of words. It’s not in your nature to willingly hurt anyone with meanness or a sharp tongue.

In truth you can be quite timid and sometimes have difficulty summoning the courage to stand up for your rights. If you’re not careful, people will take advantage of you. Your changeable nature means you can be fickle when it comes to your likes and dislikes. Some people probably see you as unpredictable. At your worst you are capricious when it comes to your responsibilities meaning, you’re not always that reliable.

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