Year of the Water Tiger

Year of the Tiger

Wow! Adventure. Power. Success. It's 2022, Year of the Water Tiger. Let's look at the things we need to know to achieve all three. What can we expect in general? What can we do to make the best of a year full of opportunities and challenges? And, finally, what does it mean for each of the 12 signs? We can start by looking at today's world.

Covid-19! That disease has closed businesses and kept people in their homes for over a year. But. This is 2022. And, most people have had two doses of the vaccine that protects them from covid-19. Lockdowns have been lifted. People are finally able to get out. And they sure are! How nice the Tiger is here. We're lucky it's the sign most closely linked to adventure. We need it.

Please let me interrupt and say something technical about Chinese Astrology. Few people know it's not really about the 12 animals and five elements! No. It's about the energies they represent. So, what is Tiger energy? Well, the first thing I think of is it is unrestrained. It encourages risk taking, like the Rat sign, but it is heated, fueled by raw emotion rather than logic. It's about jumping out of airplanes, diving into the ocean, making a safari in Africa, climbing Mt. Everest. In Chinese Astrology it's said the way to get your Tiger partner in the mood for love is to take them on an adventure.

Tiger energy is not, however, all about fun and games. Have you even seen a Tiger in a zoo? It's easy to see raw power, even in a caged Tiger. Here, the Tiger is like the Ox or Buffalo, a driving force that is difficult to stop. Think about it, the Tiger is a big cat. Nimble, quick, not like the slow, lumbering Ox. Its power can be unleashed in quick bursts. Things are likely to happen faster than they did last year, but with just as much force. Don't be surprised if there are sudden moves in financial markets. To see what's coming, just look at 2021's crypto markets. Rises and falls of 20-30% are common. Now I'm not like some astrologers who predict there will be natural disasters in the coming year. They have to be right. There always are. But, I am saying the ones that hit the world in 2022 will come on quicker and with greater force than ever. Hopefully the authorities are giving serious attention to disaster preparedness.

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