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Year of the Metal Ox
The Rat

The Rat in The Year of the Metal Ox

You may likely begin the year with a lot of momentum from the previous year of the Rat. You might want to start it off by taking an inventory for the next 12 months.

Then, with some plans in mind, no matter what area of life, work purposefully toward obtaining those objectives.

One pitfall to avoid in the year of the Ox is overcommitting to engaging in too many activities at the same time. Self-discipline, careful planning, and applied effort are three wise methods that will lead to a successful year in 2021.

For the persistent and conscientious Rat, the rewards of the year can prove substantial.This is especially true because this is the Rat’s/your soul-mate year.

You're likely to have several, important life lessons, culminating in a big one in the final (Ox) month of the lunar year.


You can make particularly good progress, as there will be positive repercussions from the previous year (your namesake year).

The winds of change may not be felt immediately. In fact it may be wise to wait until April to make any bold moves. Then it will be important for you to be assertive and follow any leads towards openings or opportunities that may reveal themselves.

Rather than focusing on new ideas that are innovative or will enhance progress, you might find your best success by coming up with suggestions for moving along existing projects.

Remember, the Ox is a builder, not an innovator. So use your creative ability to find ways to expedite what's already been started. The Ox will appreciate your efforts.

As far as career, the Ox symbolizes stability. Unless you already have something planned, this is probably not the time for a career change.

Year of the Metal Ox Forecast

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