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Year of the Metal Ox
The Rabbit

The Rabbit in The Year of the Metal Ox


The past year may have provided you with many challenges and difficult situations, but this Ox year could be a relief.

Your sign is in the top three of those most likely to have a good year. In fact the great majority of the coming months are rated as favorable for you.

Though it is not part of your usual plan, you may find that being a bit aggressive and persistent will allow you to achieve unforeseen success.

The Ox especially favors determination. Your attraction to the finer life may lead you to living it.

Personal relations are of great value to most people of the Rabbit sign, and they will be emphasized throughout the year.

Unfortunately, not always for the best. The Ox really isn’t into giving a lot of emotional support. If you don’t feel getting enough, don’t be afraid to seek it out or even ask for it. But, overall, put your best foot forward, and you will reap many benefits and rewards.


The Ox favors stability, but given it’s a favorable year for you it may be possible to make a career change.

The one thing I would say is success may depend on when you decided to do it. If it was in plans you made last year, the Ox will probably be on your side.

But, if it’s a snap decision made on the spur of the moment this year, the Ox is likely to frown on your change.

Though you may not feel comfortable taking risks, you may benefit greatly from taking steps to find the career you desire.

May and September are two months that are favorable for a change.

You may want to seek a position that allows you to use your social skills and abilities to relate to people on a personal level.

Set your sights high, and there’s a good chance you will get what you want in this highly favorable year.


Year of the Metal Ox Forecast

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