Year of the Metal Ox Forecast | The Pig

Year of the Metal Ox
The Pig

The Pig in The Year of the Metal Ox

To be honest, the Ox doesn’t really favor the Pig. Still, even though the Pig is the last sign in the Chinese Zodiac. It occasionally does better than expected.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have more favorable than unfavorable months this year. Maybe it’s because your generous nature is probably apparent in many aspects of your life. It is an admired quality that people respect.

This year, your inherent generosity could play a large role. You have an abundance of friends, and you are well loved by your family. This year will only enhance these relations.

One area of concern is the Ox being a strong, silent type and not typically providing a lot of emotional support. Definitely not your style. What to do? How about being positive and giving emotional support to others. What goes around, comes around!


How are you doing in your current job? Think about it. The Ox is a builder. How can you work on building your career this year? Maybe you need to change over to something more suitable to your desires.

Maybe you love your job but would like a promotion. OK. How about taking a course or improving your skills in some other way?

Here’s the deal. The Ox is all about hard work and determination. Whether that’s your style or not, it’s what may be needed to further your career. Don’t be afraid to put in some extra hours.

Year of the Metal Ox Forecast

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