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Year of the Metal Ox
The Ox

The Ox in The Year of the Metal Ox

You can do well this year through steady progress. Many Chinese Astrology signs don’t do well in their own year. A few actually do well. Yours is kind of a glass half full, half empty situation.

You make your Luck by acting during the favorable times and relaxing or just reacting when necessary during the unfavorable ones. Nevertheless, there may be a number of experiences that bring you great joy. One area in particular is your personal life.

You may see an addition to the family. Look to April and May to focus on social occasions. It could lead to many new faces in your social circle. Be open to the advice of others, as you may tend to keep your issues to yourself. Overall, your own year can be one that you will look back on with pride and a genuine sense of achievement if you play it right.


This year you’re likely to encounter many opportunities to further plans and goals. And by that I mean working on big, existing projects rather than starting a whole bunch of new ones. Steady progress is the position where the Ox is most comfortable, and that is where you will find yourself this year.

You will also have a chance to impress and gain support from those around you. This is a good year to enhance your skills and increase your repertoire with more training. You can be satisfied in knowing that what you do well  is likely to repay you not only this year, but in the years to come as well. The months of May, late August and September may be a time to change your career, but only if that’s already in your plans.

Year of the Metal Ox Forecast

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