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Year of the Metal Ox
The Horse

The Horse in The Year of the Metal Ox

You could have a challenging year ahead. I see a lot more unfavorable than favorable months.

What to do? In situations like this I tell everyone one thing.

You need to change your style to be more like the sign that rules the year.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking you to change who you are. I’m talking about temporary adjustments. And what are those adjustments you ask? Well, the Ox favors a slow, steady approach.

As a Horse sign, you are likely to gallop off after some opportunity, occasionally even without thinking. The Ox favors the strong, silent approach. I wouldn’t be surprised if you wear your heart on your sleeve, that is let you let people see how you’re feeling.

Well, that may not work well for you. In short, the more you can make like an Ox, the better chance of actually turning this year into a favorable one for you.


You may not achieve the progress you’d like to see in your career this year. You may have to revise your usual tactics and maintain steady discipline to see small gains.

Don't allow the lack of results to steer you away from your efforts, as they may not be apparent until next year.

Take heart; next year could be a big one for you, one that even includes advancement or a switch to a job that’s better in some way.

For now, the best approach may be to not make waves and, to use another cliche, keep your “nose to the grindstone.” In other words, just work hard, not expecting a lot of recognition.


Year of the Metal Ox Forecast

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