Year of the Metal Ox Forecast | The Dragon

Year of the Metal Ox
The Dragon

The Dragon in The Year of the Metal Ox

The Ox may hinder the Dragon's independent spirit.

You’re looking at as many as seven unfavorable months, the worst two (October and January) coming towards the end of the year.

There will be gains too, but you may have to adapt to situations with different strategies than your usual style.

You may be a high flying Dragon, but the Ox smiles upon slow, steady progress.

You will have several favorable months, especially August and December, to provide periods of substantial progress, and you would do well to make the most of the opportunities offered.

Generally a conservative approach will serve you best this year.


Your career may be one of the more positive aspects of your success this year. Reasonable progress can be yours, just one condition.

You have to be like the Ox. A slow plodder? That’s right; and it won’t be easy.

You may have to work with others to gain what you want rather than doing things in your own, independent style. With care and effort you can improve your position.

Always keep this in mind.

Success this year is most likely to come from producing results that yield a lasting benefit to your organization, not how good you look or how grandiose your schemes or how great your ideas are.

Year of the Metal Ox Forecast

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