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Year of the Metal Ox
The Dog

The Dog in The Year of the Metal Ox

This year could present you with a number of challenges. Then again, it looks like you’re destined to have at least as many favorable as unfavorable months.

Looks like a so-so year for you. That tells me your success will basically be up to you and what you make of the opportunities you do get. They’ll be coming, along with challenges.The Ox has a habit of putting up roadblocks.

But, on the positive side, you can draw on the Ox’s determination to plow through difficult times.

The two things most likely to make this so-so year into a positive one are good timing and adjusting your behavior temporarily to be more like the Ox, slow but determined.


Work could play a large role for you this year. You may find yourself working long hours to achieve a promotion or to further your pursuits. That’s just what the Ox does. Even if you only see minor results this year from your hard work, your ethics do not go unnoticed.

Remember! Your friend the Tiger is coming next year. There’s a good chance you will flourish and reap the rewards of your effort with your friend in charge. So stay focused, be willing to listen to the advice of others and build for that big step forward next year.

Year of the Metal Ox Forecast

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