Chinese Astrology Element: Metal

MetalMetal is associated with strength and determination. You are comfortable with taking direct action in pursuit of your goals. Furthermore, one of your strengths is that you work hard to complete the projects you start and rarely give up in the face of resistance. You are a fighter, someone who sticks up for their rights and who doesn’t easily back down when challenged.
Positive Traits: Ambitious, confident, determined (purposeful), focused, implacable, influential, intense, interesting, persistent, self reliant, serious, supportive (by lending strength).

The Metal element person is rock solid and epitomizes focused determination. The Metal in your personality manifests itself as steely resolve. Your generally serious attitude and unrelenting focus contribute to your ability to stay with even the lengthiest projects to completion.

These positive qualities contribute significantly to what is likely to be your generally ambitious nature. They also give you leadership potential, which is only heightened by the fact that people tend to be drawn to you because of your fiercely competitive attitude.

Your resilience and drive extend to daily life as well. Little things do not distract you from your mission. Furthermore, you add strength to others, and many people value the support you provide.
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