Chinese Astrology Element: Fire

Fire SignDynamism coupled with decisiveness is one of the primary qualities associated with Fire. Since you are a yin (Snake-sign) person, this may not be readily apparent. Your decision making style is likely to be calculating, but that does not diminish the fact you are not afraid to go after what you want. And, with your mental abilities, you probably don't take that long with your deliberations. Finally, it should be said your dynamism tends to manifest itself more as mental rather than physical activity.

Charisma and flamboyance are other traits common to Fire-sign people. This is a significant factor in the almost magical charm you might possess as a Snake-sign person. This also contributes to your leadership potential and ability to inspire other people. Although you might tend to generally tone down your appearance, you can and do create a commanding package when you choose to make your mark.

Fire's passion and enthusiasm enhance all these capabilities. There is usually an intensity characterizing your efforts, especially when it comes to intellectual activity. This probably manifests itself by your desire to acquire an in depth knowledge of subjects that interest you.

A downside of your dynamism and passion is a tendency to be impatient and to have a quick temper. Coupled with your dynamism this could also result in your occasionally rushing into a situation without having thought through the consequences of your action.

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