Personalized Video Forecast: Year of the Ox -

Personalized Video Forecast: Year of the Ox

Bill Hajdu
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Was 2020 as rough of a year for you as it was for me?

Are you looking for answers in the Year of the Ox?

Over the years I have helped 1000's of people understand their readings, usually while hanging out in a coffee shop. COVID introduced me to the virtual world and showed me how much value we can get from a Video message.  I want to try and pass that value onto you.  

You can be one of the first ten people to try out this new form of guidance with me. You will get is a digital report and a PERSONALIZED 10 minute video that I record for you explaining the nuances.  I only have 5 of these sessions available per week as it takes me about 30 minutes to analyze your chart and another 30 minutes to record and edit the video.