What can Chinese Fortune Telling tell us about relationships?

It's the perfect time to talk about relationships. Specifically, I want to look at how much, how amazingly much, we can learn from Chinese fortune telling. I'm talking about everything from our partner's pet peeves to how they like their sex! 

Analyzing relationships is my favorite activity when it comes to fortune telling. I've developed two automated readings that specifically address it. One is an overview of a person's love life, and the second an analysis of a specific relationship. Looking at relationships is also an important part of two others, my Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star) and Mah Jong card readings.

It all starts with looking at ourselves, who we are and what we want in a partner. We all know love is blind, but we can't leave it at that. It's important to understand our partner. And, finally, we need to look at how well we mesh together, that is, how compatible we are. Now I'd like to take a walk through one of the readings I've developed so everyone might see what can be learned—by looking at my own report.

So, what is my Fate, focusing on my love life? Let's take a look at my Personal Relationship Report. It begins with some characteristics that apply to all relationships.

It says: You are likely to present a kindly face to friends and strangers alike and to be chivalrous. I like to think I am.

Then it talks about what to expect from me in love and marriage. For example, You are also likely to give in too easily to your children. Isn't that the truth! Then sex.  If you are a typical Pig sign person, where, when or with whom is probably not as much a concern as whether the sex is good or not. It is not that you are amoral or immoral, but rather that you love sensual pleasures. No comment. :)

Then I also look at my month, day and hour sign for energies that will modify, enhance, or even contradict some of those of my year. So, altogether I'm getting eight perspectives just on personality.

As always, I believe in giving equal attention to the element.

My year element is Fire.

Just one example: Pig sign people are generally known as being kind and easygoing, a joy to be around. Fire helps by contributing charisma but hurts also, as it likely adds an inability to slow down and a more volatile temper.

True, it's been said I jump too much.

Then there is my month, day and hour elements. But I don't stop there! I look at the mix of all of them.

Here's mine: Your element distribution is: Wood 2, Fire 2, Earth 4, Metal 2, and Water 3.  And one comment: Earth:

"You are a dependable partner, one who adds stability to any relationship. You may not, however, be that exciting."

No one ever accused me of being the cheerleader type. 

The next part of the report addresses factors to consider in seeking a good match. What are the traits to look for and to avoid? Mine says, for example,

"Sensuality - Make sure you find a sensual partner who enjoys the physical side of the relationship. And: Cunning - Cunning people probably just see you as an end justified by any means. So avoid those people unless you like to be used."

Then there are recommendations on signs to seek and to avoid. Seek:

"According to Chinese tradition you would do best to look for partners born in years of the Rabbit and Sheep. That would be four or eight years older or younger than you. These offer you the greatest chance of success."

Here are some more recommendations.

"Avoid: You are fortunate in that the only other sign likely to give you trouble is the Pig (your age). The odds are seriously against that lasting and bringing you the happiness you seek."

Some people focus too much on themselves and not on their prospective partner. The next item in the report speaks to that. It talks about what we need to be to appeal to the recommended and, or desired partner. One of the things my report says is:

"To attract a Sheep/Goat you must come across as a gentle person and actually be very caring with your partner---same with the Rabbit."

A fortune telling reading wouldn't be one without a prediction. That's what comes next. Here's a taste of what my report says:

"You are thus likely to marry early or at least have a long term partner with whom you are intimate; and, Your chart indicators for family happiness are low average."

I didn't follow the recommended signs for me, but I also didn't go against the avoid advice either. I guess that's why I ended up with a prediction of low average for my relationships.

The final section offers more predictions. It's about timing, which is the basis of Luck according to Chinese Astrology. I look at three critical times, school years (high school and beyond), early adulthood and mid-life. Here are some final excerpts from my report.

"School years: This is probably a normal time when it comes to interpersonal relations. You should have enough energy to forge relationships, including dating, while effectively pursuing your studies. And Early Adulthood: It is fortunate your chi is normal at this critical time in your life. You should be able to establish supportive relationships to help you begin your career and create a family."

I had hoped to do walk through my Relationship Match, Purple Star and Mah Jong readings. Now that I see how long this article has become I'm going to have to save those for another day.

If you would like me to do them, please leave a comment below. I'm most interested to see how valuable you found this information and whether you want more.

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