The hidden secrets of the Chinese Zodiac


Rat. A little frugal and stingy, yes, I admit it. But I'm popular, successful, and excellent at adapting to different environments. Want to try my wit and charm? You might be among the few who get to see the precious friend I can be.


Ox. Stubborn and inflexible? I prefer persistent and determined. Nothing will distract me from my goals. And if I sound a little boring, just think how reassuring my presence and patience can be. If you're the right person, I can even show you my funny side.


Tiger. Everyone knows my roar. I can easily get upset and show my claws. But behind my boisterous appearance, I'm still a kitty with a heart of gold. No domestication needed, just learn how to handle me, and you'll have a friend for life.


Rabbit. Don't be fooled by my fluffiness! I'm perfectly aware of my grace and appeal, and I'm not afraid to use it! Mood changes become me, but again, my will is steady and I usually end up getting the best of the bargain.


Dragon. Fictional or real? I'm a legend! When I appear, I take center stage. I'm fierce and fiery. I'm a magnet, luck and power surround me all the time. But I'm not invincible. And even when I fall, I do it with emphasis.


Snake. Slithering and mesmerizing. I know, I fascinate you. Are you afraid to get too close to me? Don't be! If you win my trust, I'll be your best ally and a friend for life. My wisdom is mythical.


Horse. Freedom is what I breathe. No bridle for me. I'm strong-minded and industrious. Opportunistic and pragmatic? Well, I guarantee you: not one moment of boredom. Stick with me and you're up for the ride of your life!


Sheep. Sweet and gracious, I'm a tender soul. The most feminine of the sign, I'm pleased by elegance and I thrive when I feel secure and safe. Just don't underestimate my resilience. My strength comes from my disarming manner. You won't even realize I seduced you.


Monkey. Yes, a comedian and a prankster. Sometimes I go too far, I know---anything for a good laugh! But it's my nature. Don't you need some fun? I'm also very generous, not only with entertainment, but with my time and means, always ready to give a hand.


Rooster. Looking for a leader? Here I am! I give it all with joy. I can organize money and people, and make them work for me. My dedication never falters. Did I offend you? Believe me, it's not personal.


Dog. Man's best friend, no doubts. Always there when you need a hand or just support. Trust me and I'll sniff out deceit and duplicity. But I'm easily dispirited. Patience is crucial if you want to be with me.


Pig. I sure can appreciate physical pleasures. That doesn't mean I care only for material world. A less evident part of me craves for spiritual bonding. I can't say no to anyone, not even myself. Can you indulge me?

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