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  • Lunar Month of the Earth Ox Forecast

    In Chinese Astrology luck is based a lot on timing. It's not something magical that happens.  Often times, it's simply a matter of avoiding over exertion on inauspicious days where the energy levels are low. Close out the year strong with the lunar month of the Earth Ox.
  • Love in the Month of the Earth Ox

    Did you know that the month of the Earth Ox is the last month of the Rat year? Here are a few tips to spice up your love life. The Month of the Earth Ox begins January 13th, 2021 However blunt and straightforward Ox is about some things, they sure are hush-hush about their feelings. But here’s the thing. Intimacy (INTO
  • When I look at the Elements what I see is luck

    Do a quick study of Chinese Astrology and you will quickly become enamored with the depth of the content.   I for one am mesmerized by what I learn...