Saddle Up for the Month of the Wood Horse

Let's talk about the month of the Wood Horse. First we will look at the theme, getting out and doing things. Then, what to do when we're out there. Some things are good for Horse energy and others for Wood. We will end with some interesting facts. They will mostly be about Luck.

Time to ride. Summer's on the way; the Horse sign rules. I'm not saying we all need to head to the stables. But, maybe we all should be heading out – to somewhere.

Where? Well, think about Horse energy. It's hot; it's full of motion. Nice. That includes just about anything we can do outdoors. We can take a walk in our neighborhood park, go white water rafting, or trekking in the Himalayas. Remember the old Nike slogan – just do it.

Covid-19 is still here. That limits our choices depending on where we live. OK. We can find something – even if it's just a game of badminton in the backyard.

Speaking of Covid-19, it also makes it difficult to do the other best thing this month. Did you know the Horse sign favors the performing arts? Well, I'm not expecting to see 40,000 people attending a rock concert or a theater in London's West End filled to capacity. I'm not giving up. Maybe there's a play at a one third full community theater in my town. And, there's always the last resort – the internet. Maybe a live performance will be live-streamed. Then there's always You Tube!

OK. What about Wood? It's a Wood month. Wood energy is about two things—caring and creativity. Simple. How can we be nice? Yes, it could be a big charity project. But, it could be as simple as visiting grandma in the nursing home. I said the Horse is about the performing arts (dancing, singing). Now I saying we can do something too. Write a song and sing it. Write a poem and read it. Build something. Anything. Then give it to someone. It will be special because we made it.

Luck is mostly about doing the right thing at the right time. That's what we've been talking about. And there's more. What are the lucky colors this month? They're Red (for the Horse) and Green (for Wood). I'm not saying wear them all day every day. No. But, it doesn't hurt to do it when we feel we need a little extra Luck.

Another thing. The Right time is not the same for everyone. Horse month is the Right time for people with the sign of the Tiger, Dragon, Sheep and Dog. It's not the Right time for those of Rat, Ox, Snake and Pig signs. So what? Right means do a lot. Take a chance. Do important things. Not Right means just the opposite. What about the other four signs? The rest of us have some work to do. We need to be careful. It's not always easy to know which days or which opportunities are good or bad. We will have both this month.

Did I say days. That's the last thing we need to talk about. Lucky and unlucky ones. Lucky Days are June 21, 24 and 25. Unlucky Days, June 20, 28, and 29.

Don't worry about being lucky or unlucky. We can all do better. Remember what we just did. We talked about Horse energy. It's about action. And there were some examples: going outside, even going away on a trip; performing, singing, dancing, and acting. And Wood energy. It's about doing good things, caring about people, and about using our creativity, about making something, anything. A poem. A dog house. We ended by taking a look at lucky colors, Chinese Astrology signs and days. Lots of things we can do to increase our Luck.

Let's all go and have a great Month of the Horse!

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