Month of the Metal Tiger Forecast

Lunar New Year has come and gone; the party's over. Well, OK. You're right; in

places like Vietnam and Singapore the celebrations go on for a whole week. Still, we need to know something else is happening. Did you hear the roar? February 12th was the first day of the lunar month of the Metal Tiger – one of the most powerful signs of the 60 Chinese, combined signs.

Yup, the Tiger is a power sign. For example, in Chinese astronomy the Tiger mega constellation is the guardian of the East. And, it's honored as the first sign of the lunar year, the harbinger of Spring and new growth. To add to the effect it combines with the powerful, Metal element this month.

Before we get too carried away here, I'd like to remind everyone the Ox is no slouch either. It doesn't have the glamour of the Tiger or the Dragon, but it is a powerhouse in its own way.

It's sometimes known as the immovable object and the Tiger the irresistible force. Let's remember the lyrics of an old Bee Gees' song: Irresistible force meets an immovable object and Human animal madness and blood starts to flow.

Now that we have this background in mind I'd like to start explaining how we can make the most of this month. It's a time for common sense. With the Ox putting up all sorts of resistance, I'm going to be careful about any battles I might want to fight.

Will the fight be worth it, or should I just wait for a better time. After all the Rabbit is in charge next month, and its energy favors compromise rather than determined stubbornness.

Secondly, if I do go ahead with something and I start to run into resistance, I'm going to be prepared to give up faster than I might otherwise. Better to live to fight another day.

Before I go any further I want to give Metal energy its due. I always believe the Heavenly Stem or element portion of a Chinese sign is just as important as its Earthly Branch or animal. The good news is Metal energy is the one most closely linked to making money or losing it! And here we're looking at a Metal month in a Metal year.   That's not all; February 21 and 22 and March 3 and 4 are Metal days –triple Metal days!

Of these February 21, an Open Day and March 4, a Receive Day,  the day of the  Golden Pig, are auspicious for business. Thus the 21st is a good day for opening a business, renovation, or making a change involving something new. The 4th is a day to make money in general. Significant financial activity is not, however, recommended on February 22 or March 3. Powerful Metal under the influence of an unlucky star could result in losing money.

Now I have to switch to some not so exciting news. Relationships could be challenging this month due to the fact that both Metal and Ox energy tend to be cold and inflexible. That is not the stuff of harmonious, comforting relationships. We're all going to have to dig down deep when it comes to providing emotional support, empathy and concern for each others' feelings. And our own! We might not feel we're getting enough; we could start feeling down, even depressed. It's sad really as the Tiger usually signals the beginning of the mating season, new growth and passion. It still can be, but we're to have to draw on that Ox energy drive and determination to make it happen. 

I can't end this without saying something about Luck. When I consider Luck the first thing I look for is compatibility between the element energies in play. This month's and year's Metal energy has a destructive relationship with the Tiger's Wood energy. No, that does not mean we're all going to have bad Luck this month. What it does mean is that we should not expect Luck to be with us. We have to make our own. Furthermore, we need to play it safe, to be conservative. This is not the time to take risks or rush into anything. Only long planned and well thought out changes should be attempted. That's how to deal with conflicting energies.

Let's end on a positive note. After all I've said, we can still be happy in that people born during the year of the Rabbit, Rooster, Dog and Pig have a good chance at having a successful month. Even those of the Rat, Snake and Horse will have their opportunities.

I wish everyone a happy start to the Year of the Ox.

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