Lunar Month of the Earth Ox Forecast

Wednesday January 13th begins the lunar month of the Earth Ox.

The Ox is the soulmate sign for the Rat that makes the coming lunar month a soulmate month.

So what does that really mean?

For me soulmates are people or events that bring us life lessons.  We all have life lessons all the time.  Most of them happen and we don’t even stop to realize it.

Life lessons are sometimes hard lessons.  I've learned that the hard way over many many years.

2020 was a difficult year.  One way we can make it better is to take time to reflect on what we could have done better? 

What did we learn that will make 2021 better?

The first thing we can do is be alert.  Be aware.  What's going on around you?

I'm not a Buddhist but one of my favorite Buddhist phrases is “Be in the Now”.  

In Chinese Astrology luck is based a lot on timing. It's not something magical that happens.  Often times, it's simply a matter of avoiding over exertion on inauspicious days where the energy levels are low. 

Coincidentally, every Saturday in January is marked as Inauspicious by the Tong Shu. Why test fate?  Anything you can put off, put off.

According to the Tong Shu there are three success days where your lessons may be quite pleasant, Jan 13, Jan 25th and Feb 7th.   

I also like to look at the month in terms of harmony.  The Daoists have a philosophy called Wu Wei, loosely translated as effortless action.  If we are in harmony, our efforts will seem... effortless!

As you close out the Year of the Rat and prepare for the Year of the Ox.  Think about ways you can align yourself with the energy each sign brings.  Use this transition month of the Ox to plan and build for a successful year to come.

Please do check out my video for my full breakdown of the Lunar Month of the Earth Ox. 

In my Yearly Forecast I provide you with a month by month view of how favorable the Chi (energy levels) are for your sign.   

Here is how your sign fares in the Lunar Month of the Earth Ox.

Run with the energy

Rat: 65%,  Rabbit: 75%, Snake: 91%, Rooster: 95%

It's best to take things slow:

You might want to put on the brakes.

Tiger: 5%,  Dragon: 22%, Horse: 12%, Sheep: 7%, Dog: 36%, Monkey: 42%, Pig: 50%.


  • June 24 1951 ’m a rabbit

    nicole Victoria richard
  • So I guess my birthday (Jan 16) is also inauspicious…. I’ll keep my head down there. I’m a water ox by the way :)

  • I am an ox (jan 62)my wife and ox and my (1973) daughter an ox. (2009)All under one roof. How will it reflex this year 2021 ox for us?

  • I am a metal rooster 6/24/57 and I was wondering what I should really plan to do this 95% favorable month? Travel?

  • I would rather read than watch a video for some of the forecasts you offer, thanks


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