Joe Biden and Kamala Harris In the Year of the Ox

American politics have been a hot topic over the last four years with Donald Trump in office.  On the surface, the match between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden looks good.  My relationship compatibility number is a solid 66%.  

In a blog post on Oprah Winfrey's magazine, Lisa Stardust wrote "And there's some good news for anyone looking forward to some peace after an intense election cycle." I tend to agree with most of what she wrote.

But I do think there is something deeper brewing here. While we may not see it in year one, or even in the first term, I can say with certainty that the Dragon does not like to be #2.  

I have a lot more coming on this topic but for today, I wanted to quickly explore how both of their signs will fare in the Year of the Ox.  


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