How to Make Your Ox Year Great

The Year of the Metal Ox is a time for building.  And after the challenging Year of the Rat, building or re-building is just what the doctor ordered.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of this year's energy. 

Rat: Rat runs on stress. High energy. They’ve got a bazillion thoughts going at once. But Ox is all about slowing down. And then plodding forward. Straight ahead. Navigating a maze is not the Ox way to get the cheese. So stop what you’re doing. Right now. And take a deep breath. Feels good, doesn’t it? Afraid you won’t make it to the top if you stop? Clearing your head could help you do more in the end. So what are you waiting for? Take a breather!

Ox: It’s your year. Hooray - not! You may be in your comfort zone, true. The Ox, however, is like most signs in the Chinese Astrology zodiac. It doesn’t do all that well in its own year. Maybe it’s a case of too much of a good thing. With this year’s Ox and Metal energies lots of people are going to be pushing ahead in your style. Something has to give. You might be able to avoid some frustration and improve your chances of success by acting more like the gentle Rabbit, or even your nemesis the Sheep. It’s ironic, but I’m going to be recommending all the other signs be like you and you, the one exception, to be more like them. 

Tiger: Tiger is a straight shooter. They say what they mean and they mean what they say. Just make sure to say what you mean in a less direct way this year.  Even though you’re probably a powerhouse, be careful not to step on toes or try to bowl anyone over. All those other people, under the influence of this year’s Ox and Metal energies may put up more resistance than you might think. You’re probably going to have to rely more on tact and diplomacy, even a more circuitous approach, if you want to enjoy much success this year.

Rabbit: Rabbit and Ox are very different, yet they seem to have a generally harmonious relationship. Maybe it’s because they both prefer a slow pace most of the time. Nevertheless there are two pitfalls awaiting the unwary bunny. First, the Ox isn’t really into being in touch with their emotions, or yours. You may find you’re not get the amount of emotional support you’d like to have. Let your friends and family know if you’re not getting enough. Secondly, the Ox is not into compromise and diplomacy. It may not be in your nature, but you may need to be more aggressive and determined to achieve your best success this year.  

Dragon: Dragon likes to go big or go home. But this year it’s all about knowing when to hold or knowing when to fold. Ox and Metal energy can fuel lots of opposition to your grand schemes.And, no need to try impressing folks with your flashy ways. They’re not likely to budge if they’ve decided to resist you. So pick your battles wisely, because you probably are going to have to battle. Make sure they’re worth the trouble. If they are, draw on that powerful Ox energy yourself and use it to plow through the most difficult obstacles.

Snake: Snake generally likes to take things slow, as does the Ox. In fact there is so much about Ox energy that fuels yours.  So, you don’t want to fall into a rut this year. This is a time to play big, to head out in new directions, to take some risks. Find ways to boost your energy. Discover things you’re passionate about. Then see where they take you. I know, your sweats and the couch are super comfy. But getting yourself out into the world could give you just the inspiration you need for some big gains!

Horse: Horse is all about freedom and heading out at a moment’s notice. Not so the Ox. It’s all deliberate and plodding. . Your success this year may depend on how Ox-like you can behave! The prevailing Ox and Metal energy can result in your short burst of energy dying in the face of determined opposition. It may not be your style, but perseverance could serve you well this year. Sometimes the Horse can quickly lose interest in a relationship. You might want to fight that tendency for now. Ox and Metal are both cold and inflexible, not the best for maintaining healthy relationships. You might want to put extra effort into yours to keep it warm.  . 

Sheep: Oh oh! Sheep in an Ox year. Yup, it happens every 12 years. You come face to face with your opposite. Not only that, your Fire sign is in a destructive relationship with this year’s Metal energy. You have a choice. You can temporarily assume some Ox-like characteristics, for example determination, and a straightforward approach. Or, you can hibernate, stay out of the game as much as possible.   Either will give you some chance of success, or at least weathering the storm without too much damage. One thing to pay attention to is the amount of emotional support you’re receiving. If you feel it’s not enough, ask for some. Also, one way to get is to give. Others are likely to feel the same as you. Some of what you give is likely to be reflected back to you.

Monkey: Monkey’s all about having fun. If you’re typical, you love innocent games. Not the Ox!  You may like to dance around issues, to see what you can get away with. That approach could be counterproductive in the face of straightforward, determined opposition. Don’t get me wrong. Humor is great. The Ox is cold, a winter sign, and Metal is cold too. Your humor will be greatly appreciated this year--at the right time! You’d be wise, however, to resist the urge to crack a joke right when things are about to get serious. Sometimes diving into the real stuff could be even more exciting!

Rooster: Rooster isn’t afraid of a little conflict. Yours is one of the few signs not intimidated by the Ox. Your energies tend to meld perfectly together. Draw on that Ox energy to attack your greatest challenges this year. I know Rooster is a Yin sign. This year, however, it’s ok to be more Yang, more aggressive. This is the time to go for what you want. Many signs could have difficulty in the coming months. It’s a perfect time for you to shine. Do what you do best. Look good and perform well. This could be a very good year, especially financially.

Dog: Dog and Ox are like two ships passing in the night. It’s not that you have anything against each other. It’s just your energies don’t quite fit together. Actually, it’s a similarity that could make your life difficult. Neither the Ox nor the Dog is noted for empathy, for giving emotional support. You both tend to be I-will-shoulder-my-responsibilities types, but not one who says a lot of I love yous or gives much emotional support. Whether in love or business, you can help improve your chances of success this year by giving more than usual to your relationships. Besides, you might not get all the tender love and care you need. You may find in giving more, more is reflected  back to you.   

Pig: The Ox is not a party animal. Its energy is cold; Ox is a winter sign. Determination and perseverance characterize its approach. Frankly, that doesn’t appeal to me. And, Pig is my sign!  I’ve resigned myself to being more Ox-like this year. I will pick my battles carefully, knowing they are likely to be hard fought ones. And when it comes to relationships, I’m going to really draw on my Pig strengths. Ox and this year’s Metal energies are cold. Many people are going to be down, to  be feeling they are not getting all the emotional support they need. In this area, I’m going to be more Pig-like, to give extra TLC (tender love and care), to be empathetic, to be sensitive to others’ feelings. I’m going to make the best of what initially projects as a so-so year.

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