How to make money in the Metal Ox Year

Yes, there is money to be made in 2021, the Year of the Ox.

Year of the Metal Ox Forecast

It's well known Chinese thought sees a crisis as not only full of danger but also of opportunity.  Fortunes were made after The Great Depression, destructive world wars, and even more recently after the dotcom and real estate crashes. So the first thing to do is see the covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity.

The second is to know Chinese Astrology is not going to provide us a magic bullet that gift wraps a get rich quick scheme. Having said that, it's also true it offers many insights and tips on how to go about it. Generally they involve timing, harmony and knowing ourselves. Before I go over them, I want to make a third point.

The best way to get rich in the Year of the Ox is the same way as in every other year. We need to be ready, to have a plan and to have enough cash on hand to implement it. Many of us may not be in that lucky situation. I always want to give an honest view of things, so I will not sugar coat my answer.

It's going to be difficult for most people.

Having said that, there will be opportunities for most of us to make more money this year than in 2020. For one thing it's a Metal year, and that element is the one most closely associated with making money. And, there are four Metal months this year and only two for each of the other four elements of Chinese Astrology. That was also true of 2020, and that year was a disaster! What's different now?

The Rat is an entrepreneur, a speculator. And indeed a few business people made a lot of money in 2020, for  example, those who quickly ramped up companies to manufacture masks. But, when a crisis hits, Rat energy is not going to help most people make money. This year's Ox energy, however, is exactly what's needed. It is hard driving, persistent, the kind of energy that can knock down the strongest obstacles. Also, Ox energy is about building to last, not risk taking. This fits the majority of people in small business who are not out to just make a quick profit.

So how to use Chinese Astrology to make money? It's important to understand the Chinese concept of Luck to provide the first answer to that question.

Luck is not something magical that just happens suddenly.

Rather, it's the increased probably of success based on proper timing.  That comes from knowing which months and days are auspicious, especially when it comes to business. It also comes from knowing our energy; so we can identify which dates are favorable for us personally.

Here is where harmony comes in. How well does our energy mix with the energy of the year, month, day, and even hour? That's a lot to consider, so we need to apply some common sense. Determining the best hour is only critical for something of great importance, for example, scheduling the hour of a grand opening ceremony.  Year harmony is critical for getting a general sense, for example, of how much risk to take, of how favorable it might be to start a big project but not that important for most business decisions. It's the month and the day, then, where we need to focus our attention.

It's all about timing. Begin a new product line, make changes to your business or start a new one, expand your operation, take a risk, etc., during the most favorable months. Be conservative, avoid risks, stick with what is working during the least favorable ones. There are no guarantees in life, but everything that improves our chance of success is a plus.

Lots of actions take place on a specific day. Here is where the Tong Shu, or Chinese Almanac, is very helpful. There are three things to consider. Is the day auspicious in general, that is, is it governed by a lucky star? Then, is it lucky for business, for making money? And, finally, is it favorable for you, that, is how harmonious is your energy with that of the day energy? To be honest we don't always have the luxury of all three being in our favor. Here I would go with the first among equals, the star that rules the day. The Tong Shu calls the most favorable Success days. It's possible business may not be recommended on a day we plan to sign a contract. That's ok—as long as the Almanac does not say business is inauspicious on that day. In that case I would wait a day or two.

There is another important consideration. Placement, that is, Feng Shui. To be honest I branched off into answering specific business questions using Mah Jong card readings rather than delving into Feng Shui. All I will say then is if you can find a Feng Shui practitioner you trust, it would probably increase your chances of success to get a consultation.


If you've already purchased one, please let me again say thank you. I do my best to give an honest interpretation of what Chinese Astrology says and to provide suggestions on how to overcome any challenges I have to note. Earning your trust and providing information you can use is my first priority.

Thank you.

Bill Hajdu | The Firepig



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