Firepig Predictions - The Next Dragon Empress

Last week when looking at the energy patterns of the week I predicted that Wednesday would be a challenging day.   Conflicting energy circulated from the day/month/year signs. 

A Tiger day in a Rat year/month just felt like an energy I wanted to avoid. 

It could be a coincidence that on Wednesday of last week Trump supporters stormed the nations capital resulting in five deaths. 

Or maybe not.

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I have my eyes on a big prediction.  

There has been a lot of talk that Joe Biden may not finish out his term as president and that Kamala Harris will take over and become the first US President in history.

A deep dive into their Purple star charts has lead me to the same conclusion. Is it a coincidence that a lucky star in Kamala's chart occurs at the same time a very unlucky one occurs in Joe Biden's?  Maybe... Or maybe not.

In this video I'll explain my prediction.  Kamala Harris will become the first woman to lead the United States of America in 2023.  


A parallel that I will be spending more time exploring over the next few weeks is that of China's first Empress, Wu Zetien.

At a time when women could not rise to power, Wu Zetien not only rose to power in China from her lowly seat as a concubine, but she ruled China for over 15 years.

She was smart, but more importantly she was ruthless. 

While I don't expect Kamala Harris to carry out executions in her rise to power, she is a Green Dragon.  Her plans are grand.  

Her background is also that of a hardline prosecutor.  Don't expect her to defund the police. 

My pre-astrology background is political science.  I spent years pursuing my Masters degree at USC and my PHD (which I dropped for Astrology after completing all coursework!) at Georgetown.

The rise of Kamala Harris and the parallel to America's greatest rivalry China is fascinating to me.  

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  • I am thinking they will all go to jail and President Trump will be our President!

  • Hello Pamela, can you email me so that I can provide you a free report?

  • PURPLE – thank you

    PAmela Kennedy

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