Embrace creativity in the month of the Sheep.

Whew! Sheep/Goat lunar month begins today, and am I glad. You might know my sign is Fire Pig. 

Well, Wood Sheep is one of my two best (of 60) signs. Believe me; I have plenty of reasons to be excited.

You also might know I relocated to Vietnam in April—and was immediately hit with a four week quarantine. Then, when I regained my freedom, I was Snake (month) bit. Vietnam saw an increase in covid-19 cases and tightened its lockdown. I was free but couldn't go anywhere except out to get food.

Remember the old joke? Cheer up; things could get worse. So, I cheered up, and things got worse! Although Horse month is not favorable for Pig, I thought it couldn't be worse than Snake.

Well, as a parting shot the Horse kicked back and hit me with an even tighter lockdown here.

Anyway, I will tempt fate. I'm welcoming the Sheep with lots of optimism and open arms!

I'm sure you want to know what the Sheep means for you.

If you're a Rabbit (Cat), Snake, Horse or Pig, it could mean happy days are here. On the other hand, you might want to lower your expectations if you are a Rat, Ox, Rooster or Tiger.

The thing is; anyone can improve their chances of success. It's all about being in harmony with the month's Sheep and Wood energy. The Sheep's is driven by emotion and art. For Wood it's creativity and caring.

Can you control your emotions and make them work for you? Is there a way you can express your artistic talents?

I'm not saying you have to be a Rembrandt!

Even me. I have to dig for mine.  It seems to be manifesting in my attempt to make creative salads each day.  Imagine that!

With the help of Wood's energy this month you might surprise yourself.

Last but not least, acts of kindness will go a long way, especially with covid still around.

My son has decided the best way for him to do this is to tip delivery drivers $5 each time.  In a country like Vietnam where the average driver gets very few tips and makes $300 a month it means a whole lot to them.

Then there is the general approach to energy. Be active and do important things when the month energy favors you, and hold back and put off important ones when it doesn't.

I hope your Wood Sheep month will be as favorable as the one I'm planning on having!


  • This is a clear and well-written interpretation. Thanks for sharing.

  • Currently I m Living in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada I,m Curious to see what do you Have? Fore Me??

    Paul Tuba. from,Kecskemet,Bkkm Hungary.
  • Vive la salade….!

  • I am a wood Sheep what a coincidence!Yell me what to respect.

    Sylvaan Korstanje

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