Daily Horoscopes:  January 18th to January 25th, 2021

January 18th, 2021 - Day of the Fire Tiger

Normally Monday is all about getting things going. Today, however, is all about getting rid of things. The Chinese Almanac calls it a Remove day, a polite way to depict the Fire Tiger’s wanton destruction. Speaking of Fire, that element is lucky for this month’s Earth element; so, this can be a productive day. On the other hand hand Ox and Tiger energies often lead to clashes of will. Although the Ox is a builder, following the Ox today could just lead you into a brick wall. The best approach may just be to pretend it’s Friday and give your best effort to finishing things.

January 19th, 2021 - Day of the Fire Rabbit

Today’s Rabbit and this month’s Ox make strange bedfellows. Yet, they go well together. Maybe it’s that they both love a slow, plodding approach. This may be the best day of the week for relationships. Don’t miss any opportunity to shower affection on that special someone. The Tong Shu call this an Abundance day. That’s a green light for money matters as well as romance. Fire calls for action and the Rabbit diplomacy. Draw on those energies, and you could find yourself having a great day!

January 20th, 2021 - Day of the Earth Dragon

This could be a perplexing, even frustrating day. The Chinese Almanac recommends all kinds of activities from travel, to getting married, to starting a business. On the other hand. It labels this a Balance day. I’d go further. There’s a real possibility today’s Dragon energy clashes with this month’s Ox’s. The Ox has little tolerance for the Dragon’s high flyer act. The Dragon can’t stomach the Ox’s plodding style. Something has to give.For me, it will be me. I’m going with the flow. If that means I have a green light, I’m doing the deed. But, if I sense opposition, I’m putting on the breaks.

January 21st, 2021 - Day of the Earth Snake

Here we go! This is my candidate for best day of the week. Snake and Ox make beautiful music together. The Almanac calls this a Set day. It’s the proper time to do or start something you want to last for a while, maybe a long while.  Today’s Earth energy is lucky for this year’s Metal. There is money to be made today. Do not let the favorable energy of this day pass you by.

January 22nd, 2021 - Metal Horse

I don’t like to go against the Chinese Almanac, so, I will rather modify it slightly today. You see today’s Horse is in conflict with the Ox month energy. The Almanac calls this an Initiate day and gives the green light to all sorts of activities such as starting a new venture, marriage or doing business. Well ok. But, might I suggest it is not a good day to just jump into something! If you’ve been tireless working on a project, have today’s grand opening planned for months, and studied it in great detail, go for it. If not, you might want to think twice about it - Initiate day or not. The thing in our favor is the month’s Earth is lucky for today’s Metal energy. This could be a good day for making money.

January 23rd, 2021 - Day of the Metal Sheep

Lucky us. The weekend has come none too soon. Just in time for us to be out of town, or at least for most of us away from work. Here we are with another Destruction day. Today’s just not the time to be doing anything important. That conclusion is seconded by the unfavorable relation of the Sheep to both this month’s Ox and year’s Rat energies! Luckily, as I said yesterday, this month’s Earth energy is lucky for Metal. The day shouldn’t be a total disaster.

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