Daily Horoscopes: Jan 1st to Jan 3rd

Daily Horoscope

For a while now I've been posting my daily horoscopes to Facebook.  The problem with my posts is they often get to people too late. 

Starting this year I will put out a post once a week with the upcoming week's horoscopes.

You may also notice that mine are different now. 

I no longer do horoscopes by the sign.  

Over the years I have found that they just aren't that useful.

What I do believe in though is the alignment of the stars and the energy this imposes on any given day.  

It is up to us to understand that energy and optimize our decisions accordingly.   

Happy New Year!

Daily Horoscopes

January 1 - Day of the Earth Rooster

I hope everyone had a great time on New Year's Eve. Maybe it was so good we need a little time to relax. Why not do it today?

Unfortunately Ox month does not begin for a couple of days according to the Chinese  Imperial calendar or a few weeks according to the lunar calendar. You see, Rooster doesn't match up well with the Rat, which still rules the month. It's not surprising, then, that the Chinese Almanac recommends avoiding most activities, including love, money and travel.

Bottom line: It's a great day for rest and relaxation and for spending quality time with friends and family – and not much else.

Tong Shu:  It is a favorable day for wishful activity


January 2nd, 2021 - Day of the Metal Dog

The Dog usually draws our attention to the home, and today is no exception. A great way to spend your Saturday night would be a quiet, romantic dinner at home with family or that special someone you've been seeing.

The Chinese Almanac seconds that idea. Romance is favored. Money and travel are not. Fortunately it's the weekend; so, most of us won't be dealing with money matters anyway.

Tong Shu: 

An Open Day is a good day for beginnings and commencement of activity.

Auspicious Inauspicious
Opening up your house
Opening up your office
To welcome visitors
House warming
Official opening of business
Starting work
Starting school
Signing agreement
Commencing a new job
Seek medical treatment
Install equipment
Ground breaking

January 3rd, 2021 - Day of the Metal Pig

Sunday is a day of rest goes the old saying. To me that looks like the best way to approach the day. Pig is associated with closures, not going out and starting something new. Also, it's a Winter sign, the time when fields lay fallow, not the time to plant, nurture crops or harvest. So, like the farmer who is relaxing during the down time, that's probably your best approach today as well.

Even more than yesterday the Chinese Almanac agrees with that strategy. It's not calling any activities favorable today. Still, the Pig is a sociable animal and a homebody when it comes to family. It's certainly an appropriate time to get with close friends and family for some relaxation and fun.

Tong Shu: It is not auspicious to start any important activity on this day


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