Be creative and let the juices flow. If you're feeling down on your job, let loose and see what happens! Today may not be weekend, but it's still a great time to hook up with that special someone as a warm fire place is the perfect opportunity to cuddle up and feel the love.

 🐂 OX

Remember that frustration can be a result of an imbalance of the elements so avoid excess. It is the day of the Sheep which also tends to be a day where your energy level is not at its best. Money problems will just add to that frustration so try to keep yourself calm and figure out a good solution. Turn to your loved one and/or your family to find support.


If you get the chance, take a different route to work and immerse yourself in the new surroundings as you prepare for a tough work week. It is time to really focus on the tasks you have been putting off. You will find yourself working hard to keep up with the competition although the adversity may be what you need to spur you on.


Try a new hair style. A new look will go great and could provide some spunk and a new attitude, as you'll be feeling good. Your pursuits should be going well so stay the course and make it happen. Why not, check out the sale going on at the mall and take that look to a whole new level. They will not know what hit them!


Your imagination is at a peak and the big thoughts and big dreams are flowing through your head. Chances are you are even a little more artistic than normal. Others may try to pull you down but they will succeed only if you let them. You are a Dragon so it is only natural others will try to pull from that Dragon luck.


You'll be feeling pretty good today, in fact, quite a bit happier than usual. Take this good attitude and apply it to all that you do. You may feel that your appearance on the job is key but your hard work will pay off an others will see the substance in you. Pick up a book on the way home and make sure you are doing enough reading each week.


Others have some great stuff to say about you but do not let that get to your head! Your energy level is high and you have that extra stride in your step. Keep your eye open for prospects at work and you soon will be enjoying the benefits.


Relationships, both romantic and otherwise, will feel fresh again. Enjoy this moment with a special friend and you'll be feeling on top of the world. Too bad it is a Thursday night as it is not really the best time to be going out and flaunting your stuff. Nonetheless, if your meetings are not too early, go for it.


The word of the day is RUN. For some reason, things just do not feel right. You may begin to feel annoyed with those around you so give yourself and your friends a break. Do not try to do too much today and you should be ok. Focus more on the mental depth of your relationship rather than the physical.


Separate work and your personal life, and you will find yourself finally making some progress. You tend to look your best at work which could cause some unwanted tension with a co-worker who just does not fit your bill. If your married, it could make matters even worse.


Don't let petty annoyances get in the way of spending time with your family. The day of the Sheep is just never that great so think like a Dog, stay loyal and diligent and rest assured, there is some greener grass out there!


Sometimes work is just not what you want it to be. Stay the course though and it always does pay off. When it is finally time for a change, even a small one, do not be scared to make it. Hope and happiness will follow you, as it's smooth sailing in your love life. It's the perfect distraction, so go ahead and be distracted!

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