Mentally, you feel strong, but be careful that don't physically exert yourself. The day of the Water Snake poses some great opportunities but also hold some deceptive pitfalls. If you have any unfinished work from the week, this morning would be a good time to knock it out as you should be feeling exceptionally strong.

 🐂 OX

Start off your Tuesday with some exercise and you will find that you will peak not only physically but mentally as well. This is a great day to get things done whether it is around the house or wrapping up loose ends from the work week. The downside to feeling too sharp is you must keep yourself from looking down on the thoughts of others.


Unfortunately, your energy level today will not be at its best. You do gain a little strength from the Element sign Water, but the day of the Snake is typically towards the bottom of your list. Take a moment to surf around the net a bit and enhance your knowledge.


A Tuesdays like this holds the recipe for mental stimulation. Creativity and curiosity are abundant. Start your day with a trip to the book store and if it is warm enough spend some time reading outdoors. Top off the day with a trip to the coffee shop and dig deep into the mind of a friend or loved one. The conversation will be stimulating.


It is wise to plan a full slate of social activity today. Tuesdays are great days for quality time with the kids or just plain kicking it around with the friends. Hopefully it is warm enough where the kids soccer game will not put a damper on your warm mood!


Put yourself in a situation where you can meet someone new people. You may find that a new person is the key to rounding out the information you need to fulfil your goals. Spend time exploring your intellectual side reading a book or surfing the net.


Do something fun with your friends tonight but make sure whatever you do is not too crazy. Water + Fire (your fixed element) is always a bit perilous, especially on a day where the chi level is not especially high. Social life is probably where you will find your best rewards.


The day is ripe for intimacy. The family Sheep will find it in your best interest to find someone to watch the kids while you bask in the rays of your significant other. The influence of Water introduces some peril, but it nevertheless fuels your creativity. See if you can put that to work in your sex life!.


Brain over brawn wins the battle today so start your Tuesday off with a little mental stimulation. Spend a little time on Wikipedia and learn about a foreign land. You could find that exotic travel is somewhere in the not too distant future.


There is no night like Tuesday night to be seen. Start your day off with one of your favorite pass times, shopping as a new outfit tonight will have a little extra sparkle. Try out a new restaurant or bar as they seem to be sprouting up everywhere these days. If you are married, be sure to pick up something for your significant other too as chances are their tastes are not quite as keen as yours.


Good times, good friends, and good food always make for a good Tuesday afternoon. Plan a pot luck meal today with your friends and family. The day of the Snake is sure to spark up some stimulating conversation. You may even be able to pry out that secret that has you curious!


Well, the good news is you probably do not have too many commitments today being a Tuesday afternoon. The bad news is, it is the day of the Water Snake which could be the worst in your sixty day cycle. Curb your feelings of agitation as chances are, the problem is likely you.

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