A big day could mean the beginning of your big Dreams. Being a Monday, chances are they have to do with your work life. It is possibly the strongest day for you in the sixty day cycle so it is no wonder you are feeling energized. Take advantage of your strength and kick off the week with a bang.

 🐂 OX

Mixed emotions are clouding your judgement. It is no wonder as today is the day of the Water Dragon. While Dragon days can be unsettling, the influence of Water means that you should be able to persevere. The shrewd Ox will keep an eye out for a big opportunity.


What a great day for all that is social. You may find that your thoughts are more fluid and your willingness to take advice has increased. This could be good as a flexible approach could lead to a fun Money night. Get a big group of people together, the bigger the better!


Be careful not to get too caught up in a big squabble today. There is uncertainty in the air and you may find yourself feeling a bit insecure because of it. Keep your emotions in check though as the most likely scenario is that you are not going to win this battle.


They say Monday night is going to be alright and this surely is a case on a day ruled by the Water Dragon. Forget plans, just go with the flow! Water enhances your fixed element Wood so you will feel added jolts of energy today. Focus more on enjoying your company rather than getting caught in the seriousness of the relationships, or lack there of.


Something big seems to be going on and your suspicions of scandal could be unfolding in front of your eyes. The best thing is to confront your fears and and clarify any misunderstandings. A day ruled by Water means that you may feel something draining on you. Stay the course.


It is a good day for social activity and large scale planning. Think big and know the journey may be long. You have conflicting forces of the day sign, Dragon, and the day element, Water, which may cause you to be a bit indecisive. The fiery spirit of the Horse will feel tested today but your strength will propel you forward.


Pay attention to what others are saying as you sometimes have a tendancy to only tune into what you want to hear. On a difficult day like today you do not want to get wrapped up in your own thoughts when someone else actually has an issue far more pressing than yours.


Mentally you will feel on top of your game today. So strong in fact that you should be able to wrap up your work day early and get your weekend started with a bang. Think big and plan something that will make your significant other smile as if it were their birthday! The single Monkey should surely gather some friends and go out tonight.


It is just one of those days where you are not sure where to turn. You want to think big but you also do not want to make a mistake. Do not blame yourself for this as caution is necessary to make sure bigger plans do not go astray. See what new release is out at the movie theater and enjoy!


The work day could drag on longer than you want today and while others are encouraging you to engage in after work activities, you know in your heart, you had best get everything done. There is a reason for your sluggishness as this is one of the more difficult days of the sixty day cycle.


You have got a lot going for you today so make the best of it. Do not get yourself caught up in what others are saying about you as they really do not know what you have going on inside your head. The best thing for you to do is make up your mind and move forward. Karma is on your side!

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