You could be feeling a little restless because you could be thinking about business on your day off. You could put this restless energy to good use by starting to learn something that you’ve always wanted to do and you may just end up with a new hobby. You may have an chance to express your amours side with a new love affair that might bloom into a long-term relationship.

🐂 OX

Because you may be successful in money matters today, you might want to plan to set aside some cash for a future endeavor. At home, if you are working on a project that could have long-term ramifications, be cautious and take things slowly. A quiet family dinner should provide the nurturing environment that you enjoy.


You will probably have to be cautious and conservative to have any success today, as someone could take advantage of your boldness. An investment opportunity may arise but avoid rushing in because it may end up being too good to be true. It might be best to spend this Saturday at leisurely pursuits.


Under the influence of the Rat day, you may have to approach this day very carefully. As you could be easily deceived or swindled. Your love life may be too unsettling to suit your more peaceful nature because of the Metal element. The your best option might be to have some quiet leisure time – reading a book, watching TV, or doing an art project.


It could be a very smooth and energetic type of day for you under the influence of the Rat. In your home life, there is a sense of nurturing and positive interaction. Since there should be no problems at home, there is no point in rushing anything. Relax and enjoy some quality family time together this Saturday.


Under the influence of the Rat, thinking inside your head is conducive. Which is good for you as you may feel like being by yourself today. There just might be a new love interest in your life, however, the relationship will probably be stormy and short. To cheer up a little you could find some new and very different activity to capture your attention.


You could be feeling very sad today, as the Rat sign is your polar opposite sign. It may be hard for you to trust your own instincts under the circumstances. This is probably not a very favorable day for you to be starting any relationships with anyone under the influence of the Metal day.


The rushed paced of the Rat day, may have you feeling a little flustered on this Saturday. However, you may have some good luck come bestowed on you. You may find some love and comfort with your family. If you find some new activity or hobby to do in your leisure time, it might cheer you up.


Money issues for you seem to be on solid footing, which could end up having positive long-term benefits. Try to spend time playing games with your kids, grandkids, or nieces & nephews to feel the warmth and joy that comes with family at its best. After the kids have entertained you, have some playful and romantic time with your loved one.


This Tuesday try not to force the square peg into the round hole. As forcing things will likely only give you more problems than solutions. Try not to be too impatient with your family. They may need a little time to accept a change rather than be rushed. To relieve your mind from the issues with others, you could challenge yourself by starting getting in some exercise.


It may not be a favorable day to loan money to relatives or friends, as you could be deceived on the day of the Rat. Your family may offer the moral support you require today. Spend some time with them doing something fun. It might be interesting to come up with something new that you can do together.


You might want to avoid any financial speculation and do some research on the internet on conservative investments, instead. You may want to throw a party for your friends, which could be a great time for all in attendance. After the party, curl up with the one you love.

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