Home might feel a bit off today, however, other than this, it will be a good day for you. If you are studying today, your head should be clear and you should make great progress. Married folks will feel a little closer to each other so don't hesitate to take those feelings one step further into the bedroom.

 🐂 OX

If you have been looking for a new partner, those feelings could be intensified today. Your mind could be also feel distracted and anxious today. The best way to clear up these feelings is through physical activities. 


Is it time to end that lingering relationship? If so, today could be the day. Be careful though as on a day ruled by Fire, even if you are making the right decision, you are prone to go off and say the wrong thing. Watch what you eat as added stress could cause you to indulge when it is in your best interest to tone down the calories.


Feeling confused? Look to someone who likes to think more with their head than their heart as a day ruled by the Monkey could have your emotions in an uproar. There is a good chance that feelings will be restored if you have been having some family problems. Relationships with questions will find that love is the only answer.


Good news, the day of the Fire Monkey is here. Excitement and fun rule the Friday. Is someone trying to pitch you on some scheme? Do not be surprised if a scheme not substance is all they have to say. Use your Dragon wits to make your decisions with authority. Take advantage of any sales going on today, go ahead and splurge a little, you deserve it.


Curiosity killed the cat but it provided a heck of a lot of fun for the Monkey, which happens to rule the day! The events of today will raise your eyebrow and cause you to think twice. Satisfy your curiosity by looking a little deeper and seeing if there is some hidden meaning. Your friendships will bring you many smiles so go ahead and put together that hump day happy hour.


It is a good time to visit with friends that you may have been isolated from. Although the winter flu is in the air, you should have no problem getting over it. If you have been sick lately, your energy level should peak today and you will start feeling much better. Relationships will feel good today, pretty fun and pretty frisky.


In the evening, relax with a nice dinner then enjoy your favorite book or movie. If you have free time try to spend it improving yourself or your home. Mentally you maybe feeling a little alone Don't worry its just a phase and will pass. Sometimes those that love you get a little bit busy as do you.


Today would be an auspicious time to enjoy all the rewards of your hard work and project planning. Your mindset will likely be playful, energized and invigorated. Arrange some weekend entertainment and you will surely not regret it, except maybe on Friday morning. Have no fear, there is plenty of coffee on route to work.


Recent planning may start to bloom. If you have been neglecting your family lately, a little extra attention spent on them today could go along way in restoring harmony. Do not be scared. It is time to take your new relationships to the next level. Make it happen as even with an extra day coming up in the leap year, life is not getting any longer!


It will probably be a fun day for you. The normally diligent Dog may find themselves wandering off the beaten path. Be sure to maintain your professionalism at work as a deal is on the horizon. Do not let your personal life suffer by a wandering eye or wandering thoughts.


Single Pigs looking for a partner may encounter several suitors today with potential. Your family life could get tested a bit as comments that were not thought through could be misinterpreted. However, your mind seems to be in a very enthusiastic mood. Get out and put yourself in the social scene today to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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