You've got an extra day this month so do your best to take advantage of it. The day of the Pig should prove to be relaxing for you. Family members may make unnecessary demands on your pocketbook so watch your financial situation closely. Fortunately your love life should be doing especially well so enjoy the extra leap year day!

  🐂 OX

Under the Pig influence, you may have some enjoyable time on the social scene so don't be shy and get out there on the town. Outdoor activity could be fun if you get off of work in time. You have got an extra day so don't spend it working if you don't have to.


Your romantic life is stable but could seem boring. You could be more interested in flirtatious fun rather than the same old sex tonight. Don't get too tempted though, especially if you're not single! The extra day this month could be troublesome if you make the wrong decision. Watch out for danger on the road, drivers can get crazy on a Monday.


It is a leap year, which means an extra day to look your best. This might be a good day to spend some time and money on sprucing up your look as the day of the Pig is meant to enjoy. Don't let yourself get too attracted to dull coloring though. You could spend the afternoon browsing through some old shops for stylish accessories. You may be attending a social function where you are able to draw people to you and end up making new acquaintances.


The extra day of the year could be a lucky day for you. If you are planning to leave for the weekend you picked the right day to do it, perhaps to attend a function of a friend. The single Dragon may feel that you and your love interest are drawing closer together. Go for it and find passion on this leap year day.


Unfortunately, the leap year has brought you a day that could be a frustrating one, especially where other people are involved. The Snake involved in a relationship could find that it is becoming strained because of jealousy. You may feel this is hard, but keep your head straight, focus on the facts and try to keep moving forward.


This is probably not a day for making changes, keep with what's working and be happy you have an extra day this leap year to get things done. The good news is you are likely to have some financial gains and the bad news is you could be spending it just as fast. Monday night is always a good time to spend with friends so if you feel like going all out to celebrate, at least spend it on the ones closest to you.


The extra day presented to us this leap year could be a fortunate day. You may start too see the fruits of your labor with some modest financial gain. Jump start your weekend with some travel as today is an auspicious day to do so. You will be able to enjoy your leisure time so go ahead and take off work a little early.


 Have a little fun as the leap year has brought you an extra day. Starting a new relationship may not be the best thing so you might want to hang out with your current friends and stay in your comfort zone. If you go out tonight, try not to eat too much as you may find it unsettling to your stomach. Being involved with more than one person could be complicated so you might want to turn down that after work invite.


Monday night is a great time for a family get together, whether it be a reunion or a dinner with some extended family members. Why not take advantage of the extra leap year day and be with the ones you love. Your financial position should be stable which should allow you to relax a little more tonight. You may find tonight is not the best for your sex life so keep it to a cuddle.


Use the extra day brought to us by the leap year to mend any problems on the home front. You don't want any lingering issues with spring around the corner. To celebrate this new found family happiness, you might want to all go out to a good restaurant. During the day, spend a little time planning out the best ways to improve your financial position as this should help alleviate some personal strains.


This is a leap year and the extra day could be perfect for you to do some self reflection. Dig deep into your current lifestyle and think about letting go of things that are not beneficial. If you have allowed your body to deteriorate, you may want to start a light exercise program. It is a good day for peaceful time at home over adventure on the road.

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