Relationships will take a turn for the better today as long as you avoid any jealous tendencies. Try not to flirt too much as that tends to get you in trouble Be realistic about your finances, too much of an optimistic view could lead down a path of credit card debt you really do not need.

🐂 OX

 Errands are never fun but stay on track and try your best to get through the day. It is an auspicious day for proposals so couples who are thinking about getting married will find favor. There may however be some tension for those not contemplating marriage as your significant other may have other thoughts.


 Be very respectful to others as you may find by the end of the day you need them for a crisis situation. If you find extra cash is coming your way, be sure to pay off debt before engaging in new spending. Make yourself readily available to a friend in need as they may be subtly asking for your help. Think about the times you felt like you needed help yourself but were afraid to ask and look for those signs in your friend


 This could be a very relaxing, slow day for you which will give you time to contemplate and plan. Keep your mind in a settled state through physical activity. Sexual enjoyment could be at a peak today so for those in a relationship, take time out to enjoy a passionate moment with your partner.


 Enjoy your time on the social scene as that could be the only upside to your day. You might want to take it easy at work as your energy could be a little bit low today which of course means less productivity. If possible, take the day off, relax and have a seat by a warm fire.


 Attention today should be focused on your family and home life. Overall things are looking good for you today, especially if you keep your attention focused on friends and family. On the social front, things could be a little boring for you, as Thursday nights can sometimes be. Work hard and play less!


It is a great day for you, ruled by the Earth Dog. Your stamina level should be especially high, so use your discretion on how best to utilize that extra energy! Sporting activities followed by a night of passion could make this day a hit. Work hard and play hard!


 Make sure you are emotionally available, to both your friends and lover. This is the type of day your feelings may get the best of you which could cause you to get wrapped up in self-absorption and fail to notice the needs of others. Mentally you could feel a bit off, but rest assured, the weekend is around the corner and the leap year means you have one more day to get over it!


 You may feel some strain in your relationships today. Try and stay relaxed, although not too relax that your loose tongue gets you in trouble with an unwanted joke. Conservative decisions on the work front will prove to be much more rewarding than taking any unnecessary risks.


Home is where the heart is! Days that are ruled by the Dog typically run at a pace that is not for you, especially when Earth is in the mix. Take comfort in the good people around you and try not to get too irritated if things do not quite go your way. Work will probably be a little boring for you as well so keep your chin up and make the best of it.


Good things are happening at work and at home. For those that took time to plan, you should see some growth and progress today. It is the day of the Dog which means great things for you. If there is something you have been meaning to take a chance on, today is the day to let it ride. Do you feel lucky?


Your finances should be in good shape, continue with your savings program or start one if you do not yet have a savings account. Do not get too down on yourself if plan a goes awry. Hopefully you have thought through plan b!. Today will likely be a good day for long term planning for any work on your home that needs to be scheduled this spring.

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