I love the Day of the Monkey

There are three reasons why I love New Year's Eve this Year. 

One:  It's the day of the Monkey.  And what are Monkey's known for?


Two: This particular Monkey day falls in a Rat month in a Rat year.  It's pure harmony

Three: The Tong Shu calls out Dec 31st as an auspicious success day!  

Makes me want to go out and party.

2020 was such a rough year for so many of us. 

But I see the Rat year ending strong and New Year's day feels like as good a day as any to turn things around.

Let me know your plans for this year in the comments.

My son has full freedom in Vietnam and likely will be partying

Me on the other hand, I will be under safety protocols here in California and will be relaxing at home.


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  • Will be celebrating at home with my son who was born on New Year 22 minutes after midnight 👍🥰💕

  • Celebrating new years Eve at home.. welcoming the new year safely..


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